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Mar. 3rd, 2006 | 11:47 pm
pen0rz?: depressed depressed
buttsekz?: But It's Better if You Do - Panic! At the Disco
posted by: arcesso in bigjuicysteak

Hineko is emo, achy and tired and you signed off so she's signing off too. And going to bed. No more chazzing Junko up tonight. XD

chazz me up (10:19:19 PM): "This is not my fault!" Juudai screeched, glaring at Manjyome Jun, who'd been red as a beet and jumping up and down for over twenty minutes. "How about we stop blaming people and just try to get out of this mess!"

"Uh..Asuka?" Junko asked, casting a glance at the blonde, then pointing at Juudai. "Does he ever stop eating? He's got a hot dog in his hand!"
jaden me up (10:20:21 PM): ((I almost called Juudai, Jaden. XD))
chazz me up (10:20:25 PM): ((xD))
chazz me up (10:20:29 PM): ((its okay if you do xD))
chazz me up (10:20:35 PM): ((*doesn't really care*xD))
jaden me up (10:20:38 PM): ((I felt like a 'tard, though.))
chazz me up (10:20:41 PM): ((xD))
chazz me up (10:20:50 PM): ((thats okay, i wrote quistits instead of quistis today))
jaden me up (10:20:59 PM): ((hahahha now i feel better *hugs*))
chazz me up (10:21:04 PM): ((xD *hugs back*))
chazz me up (10:21:13 PM): ((it aint right to hate her for working that MONEYMAKER))
chazz me up (10:21:14 PM): ((xD))
chazz me up (10:21:17 PM): ((*hit*))
jaden me up (10:21:28 PM): ((i worked your MOM'S monkeymaker.))
jaden me up (10:21:30 PM): ((ew.))
chazz me up (10:21:41 PM): ((ew. :[ ))
jaden me up (10:21:58 PM): ((I just threw up in my mouth. :[ ))
chazz me up (10:21:58 PM): ((haha dude wait who has the honkytonkbadonkadonk? *gasp*))
chazz me up (10:22:04 PM): ((:[ me too))
jaden me up (10:22:06 PM): ((THE ASIAN.))
chazz me up (10:22:10 PM): ((LOLOLO))
chazz me up (10:22:22 PM): ((dude, remember our "show" with the random sex commercials?))
chazz me up (10:22:33 PM): ((AND BONDAGE KING YAMI! maybe he should pass the title))
jaden me up (10:22:34 PM): ((YES))
jaden me up (10:22:38 PM): ((OMG HE HAS TO.))
chazz me up (10:22:42 PM): ((YES xD))
jaden me up (10:22:42 PM): ((HE HASTO HASTO HASTO))
chazz me up (10:22:47 PM): ((TO JUUDAI))
chazz me up (10:22:50 PM): ((THE INNOCENT ONE))
jaden me up (10:22:55 PM): ((Yes.))
chazz me up (10:22:58 PM): ((ps, someone's grandma's getting slapped))
jaden me up (10:23:21 PM): ((Juudai: umm... what do I do with this? *holds up random whip*
Yami: Your mom. Go do your om with that.
Juudai: ...?_?))
chazz me up (10:24:00 PM): ((Juudai: I don't wanna :|
jaden me up (10:26:12 PM): Asuka sweatdropped. "Juudai if you're going to try and be taken seriously... TRY ACTING SERIOUS FOR ONCE!" She shook her head at him before sighing. "We're not going to be able to get out of here, there are at least four feet of snow keeping us from even hoping of getting out. No sort of teamwork can fix that, so get comfortable and stop shouting." Asuka relinquished a sigh.

Manjyome shot another glare at Juudai and scowled. "Why should we do what the Slifer Slacker says?" He demanded, obviously displeased with the turn of events. "Besides that, if we open the door the snow would fall in and we could climb out, right?" Jun offered in his usual holier than thou tone. (how do you spell holier?) "I don't want to be stuck here for any longer than we have to be." He threw a meaningful glare at Juudai once again.
chazz me up (10:27:49 PM): "Idiot! Then we'll all freeze to death! AND CUT THE SLIFER SLACKER SHIT!" Juudai yelled, obviously being stressed by the fact he'd been hearing Manjyome rant for an incredibly long time in a closed space. "SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP--"

"That's mature," Junko remarked, sighing and looking at Asuka. "We might as well just let them yell at each other, not like they're going to LISTEN or anything..."
jaden me up (10:31:33 PM): Asuka nodded and stood. "They never do." She looked around. "Manjyome's right though, we should try to find a way out--maybe the roof?" She headed back to the kitchen to commence her search. She was confronted, however, by a rather perturbing man in a strange suit. "OH MY GOD IT'S MICHAEL JACKSON HEEEEEEELP!"

"STOP SCREAMING YOU'RE A GIRL, YOU'LL BE FINE!" Manjyome shouted to her before continuing to berate Juudai regarding their situation. "Are you stupid? You won't freeze to death from FIVE MINUTES of exposure to the winter, slacker! Geez, even retards know that." He barked arrogantly.
chazz me up (10:32:44 PM): "OBVIOUSLY SINCE YOU'RE A RETARD!" Juudai shouted, then heard Asuka's scream. "ASUKA!" He charged off, then kicked Michael Jackson in the balls.

"No! You're fair game, dumbass!" Junko shouted, then looked as Michael proceeded to wink at Juudai.
jaden me up (10:34:24 PM): Manjyome rolled his eyes at the scene. "And I'm the retard?" He drawled, walking over and standing a safe distance from the child molester, Juudai, and Asuka. "You're gonna get ass-raped, and I'm gonna laugh."

Asuka glared at Manjyome and grabbed a skillet, smacking the one-time popstar in the face with it. His nose flew into an open vat of chili and he started screaming like a woman.
chazz me up (10:35:30 PM): "HE DOES HAVE A FAKE NOSE!" Juudai cheered, debating taking a bite out of the chili. "Mmm, chili..."

"Uh...oh. Guys, what's worse than Michael Jackson?" Junko asked, looking thoroughly perturbed.
jaden me up (10:37:56 PM): "Robotic Monkey DragonballZ stunt doubles? Kaibaman? NINJAZ!?" Manjyome ranted off a list before giving Jaden a look of disgust. "Your stomach must be a black hole." He deduced.

Asuka rolled her eyes at Jaden before smacking him upside the head. "Don't eat that, Michael Jackson's nose is in it! You might get his homosexual disease and start getting urges to rape young boys!" ((pun on the fact that hyper-christians say homosexuality is a disease, i don't really think that. XD))
chazz me up (10:39:35 PM): "..K..K...KAIBAMAN!" Junko shrieked, pointing to a grinning Kaibaman with a rather large sausage in either hand.

"HOLYSHIT THAT'S A BIG SAUSAGE!" Juudai cheered, completely oblivious to what he just said.
jaden me up (10:41:54 PM): "Ummm..." Both Manjyome and Asuka stared at Kaibaman for a moment, then at eachother.

"I get the feeling... that we should RUN!" Asuka shouted finally. She grabbed Jaden's arm and started running in the opposite direction, knowing he'd be too enticed by the food to do it himself.

Manjyome looked to Junko and then turned. "That sounds good to me." He shouted in a nervous tone that was hardly like him.
jaden me up (10:42:06 PM): ((Because everyone fears Kaibaman and his obese sausages))
chazz me up (10:43:18 PM): Junko nodded, taking off after Juudai and Asuka. "This...sucks!"

"I wanted to play with his sausage!" Juudai whined, earning a smack from Asuka. "What?"
jaden me up (10:43:33 PM): ((XDDDD))
chazz me up (10:44:50 PM): ((xD))
jaden me up (10:45:40 PM): Manjyome nodded to her and took note of the alcove that lead to the bathrooms, grabbing Junko's hand and pulling her into it while Kaibaman continued to pursue Jaden and Asuka. He regulated his breathing and shook his head. "What the hell is Kaibaman doing here?"

"Jaden, you're so dense when food's involved!" Asuka growled, shaking her head. "Come to think of it... You're always dense." She was losing her breath and, turning, saw that Kaibaman was following them still. And his backup ninjaz had just sprang in the window (yes, through the snow) to chase them as well.
chazz me up (10:47:00 PM): "He had on an apron..." Junko observed, putting a finger to her lips. "I think they hired him as the lunch lady."

"HOLYSHITNINJAS!!!!" Juudai screeched, reaching and lifting Asuka over his head, then taking off into a room, slamming the door, and locking it five times. "TAKE THAT!"
jaden me up (10:51:28 PM): Asuka was blinking awkwardly when she was back on the ground. Looking around, she saw that they were in the area of the cafeteria, where frozen mystery meat and the like was brought and stored. "Jaden..." She turned slowly, realizing something. "You just locked us in a freezer."

"That would explain why he's after Juudai for eating that chili. Stupid Slifer Slacker can't keep himself out of trouble." Manjyome alliterated, before he slowly started snickering. "Kaibaman is our lunch lady... and he has ninja henchman... did no one think how funny this is?!" He demanded loudly.
chazz me up (10:52:59 PM): "Well, it's better than being out there with Kaibaman and his.....ninjas! I'm terrified of ninjas!" Juudai whined, sighing.

((henchmen. xD))

"Duel Academia must be really broke if they're hiring Duel Monsters, especially one as creepy as Kaibaman," Junko sighed. "He's so not even hot."
jaden me up (10:53:26 PM): ((OMG HOW DID I MESS THAT UP?))
chazz me up (10:53:41 PM): ((xD))
jaden me up (10:55:18 PM): "WE'RE MORE LIKELY TO FREEZE IN HERE THAN OUTSIDE!" Asuka whined, shaking her head. "Ninjas or no ninjas, we can't stay in here. Without heat we'll die." She was now wondering if perhaps Jun was right, and Jaden WAS retarded.

Manjyome stared at her incredulously. "You think some duel monsters are hot?" He asked slowly, a bit disturbed by this notion. "And yeah, Duel Academy must be being stretched pretty thin."
chazz me up (10:57:29 PM): "Stop looking at me like I'm retarded!" Juudai whined, then dug something out of his deck. "This'll save the day!" He summoned Berstanitrix, and grinned at her. "See, I know my cards."

"No, no, not duel monsters. Even though I heard you were slobbering over Dark Magician Girl..." Junko teased, chuckling. "Momoe probably even thinks Kaibaman's sexy..." She shook her head, then shrugged a little. "Well, all our professors are quitting or getting fired. Maybe they hired Michael Jackson too."
jaden me up (10:59:19 PM): Asuka crossed her arms, rubbing them to warm up. "I'll give you that, but it seems like that's all you know." She muttered with a shake of her head.

"Well, if they hired Michael Jackson they're out of luck..." Manjyome mused before jumping to his defense. "I WAS NOT SLOBBERING OVER BLACK MAGICIAN GIRL! AND DON'T SAY SHE'S A DUEL MONSTER, IT HURTS HER FEELINGS!" He scowled.
chazz me up (11:00:23 PM): "What are you trying to say?" Juudai asked, frowning a little. "Asuka, I know you've got something you're not telling me...I just don't know what it is."

"You were too! I've got witnesses!" Junko mocked, then rolled her eyes at that last bit. "Don't call Kaibaman a duel monster either, he might come in here and kill you with an icepick or something."
jaden me up (11:02:56 PM): "Or worse, a spaghetti scoop-er." Manjyome muttered in fidgeting pain. "And I was not, that video was NOT mine. It was Kaiser's so don't even think of using that as evidence."

Asuka shook her head again. "Nothing, forget it." She stared at him a moment longer, scrutinizing, before her gaze fell to the floor. "Come on, let's get out of here, there has to be roof access from SOMEWHERE."
chazz me up (11:04:47 PM): "Kaiser's video was actually shot of Asuka's ass. Yours was filmed from your giant suit, and it has you on tape saying she's gorgeous!" Junko joked, then grimaced at the thought of Kaibaman's spaghetti scooper of death.

"I'm not forgetting it this time. We're locked in a freezer, it's now or never!" Juudai screeched, pumping his fist into the air.
chazz me up (11:05:44 PM): ((brb, gotta reset & grab a pop))
chazz me up (11:05:47 PM): ((frickin' bert))
jaden me up (11:05:50 PM): ((Kay))
chazz me up signed off at 11:08:47 PM.
chazz me up signed on at 11:13:17 PM.
jaden me up (11:13:35 PM): ((Kay are you back and even more sugar high, then? XD))
chazz me up (11:13:43 PM): ((yep xD))
jaden me up (11:13:45 PM): "Jaden..." Asuka muttered, shaking her head. "I shouldn't have to tell you."

Manjyome grumbled something under his breath about Ryu betraying him before sighing. "It's healthy teenage male behavior." He huffed. "Anyway, is there anyway out of this place? With any luck it's stopped snowing..."
chazz me up (11:15:06 PM): "Is it bad? Do you hate me?" Juudai asked, frowning.

"Yeah, yeah. Hopefully it stopped..." Junko responded, then looked at the door. "Think it's safe to make a run for it?"
chazz me up (11:15:28 PM): (( http://sugar-asphalt.org/junko/ ))
chazz me up (11:15:32 PM): ((<--win))
chazz me up (11:15:33 PM): ((xD))
jaden me up (11:15:37 PM): ((sexy))
chazz me up (11:15:43 PM): ((xD))
jaden me up (11:16:49 PM): Manjyome peeked his head outside the door and looked around. "I think so. Kaibaman's probably still after Jaden."

"Can we talk AFTER we're out of this FREEZER!?" Asuka pressed, shifting uncomfortably. She wanted to avoid this conversation as much as possible.
chazz me up (11:18:18 PM): "That's a relief," Junko said, following him out. "Let's look for an exit."

"You do hate me!" Juudai cried, covering his eyes.
jaden me up (11:19:33 PM): "No! You're wrong! I don't hate you, Juudai." Asuka sighed.

Manjyome nodded and looked around, only to be crushed by a giant ninja ass moments later. "THEY WERE EXPECTING US! RUN, JUNKO!"
chazz me up (11:20:29 PM): "You don't?" He asked, grinning.

"You don't have to tell me twice!" Junko shouted, taking off. Shit! The sausages have returned!! Wait, did the ninjas have sausages?
jaden me up (11:22:12 PM): Manjyome sweatdropped as he struggled out from under the ninja's honkytonk badonkadonk. "I was kind of hoping I would..." He muttered to himself, starting after her a few minutes later.

"No, I don't." Asuka rolled her eyes at his look. "Jaden, I could never hate you... unless you keep up that snide grinning, then I might re-evalutate my opinion."
chazz me up (11:23:30 PM): "Do you hear that?" Junko asked, turning around to look at him. "Someone's playing music..."

Juudai immediatlely stopped grinning. "I'm sorry. Now, let's work on a way out since I know you don't hate me!"
jaden me up (11:26:38 PM): Asuka chuckled at his eagerness and nodded. "Right, let's see here..." She shivered incessantly as she started looking around for another door. "Kaibaman's probably waiting for us with his ninjas."

"Huh?" Manjyome stopped and listened. "What the... hell is that?"
jaden me up (11:31:43 PM): ((Am I the only one who thinks Rei looks like a little irish hobo kid?))
chazz me up (11:32:19 PM): "Honky Tonk...Badonkadonk?" Junko half-asked, frowning. "Oh boy..." The ninjas were starting to dance.

"Probably. Maybe I'll get to touch his sausage!"
chazz me up (11:32:21 PM): ((nope. xD))
jaden me up (11:34:12 PM): Manjyome screamed and attempted to claw his eyes out. "BIG. SCARY. NINJA. BUTTZ."

Asuka was about to berate Judai's comment until she heard Manjyome's scream. "Come on, Junko and Manjyome must be in trouble!" She started unlocking the door they'd entered through, giving up on an alternative to save her friends.
chazz me up (11:35:50 PM): "Hustlers shootin' eight-balls..." Junko had started to sing along, then realized that Manjyome was seriously freaking out. "Ew...ninja butts."

"Friendship always comes first!" Juudai had called, and they ran outside--to see the ninjas bysting a move.
chazz me up (11:35:55 PM): ((*busting))
jaden me up (11:37:51 PM): Asuka rolled her eyes and picked up a chair, threatening the ninjas with it, and then throwing it at the stereo that had caused the music to begin with. She looked over at Manjyome who was now recovering from the initial shock of dancing Ninjas.

"So... many... large... BUTTZ." His eye twitched and he fidgeted a little. He looked over at Junko. "How can you still be sane after witnessing that!?"

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I came back. ;; Poor achy emo Neko. <3333

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