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Dec. 26th, 2005 | 10:57 am
posted by: arcesso in bigjuicysteak

slashslashbang (2:44:31 AM): Gippal looked at the door. "What the hell? You're telling me there's no way to get out of here..."

Tidus was chewing on his thumb. "b00biez?"

Gippal frowned. "NO! NOT BOOBIES!"
LessPrettyInside (2:46:30 AM): Yuna smacked her forehead in annoyance. "Why are you two so perverted!?" She groaned.

"I'm not the perv--" Gippal protested but Tidus cut him off.

"HAHA PERVERT B00BIEZ" Everyone turned to stare.

"...okay...I'm trapped in a tokyo high school with a retard, a pervert, and the girlfriend who can't control either. Great." Mai smacked her forehead.

"I'M NOT A PERVERT!" Gippal growled loudly.
slashslashbang (2:48:24 AM): Seto frowned at her. "I'm not much better off..."

"BOOOOOOOBZ!" Tidus cheered, smacking his hands together like a monkey.

"Tidus, did you take your medication?" Rikku asked, patting him on the head.

"Does he ever?" Gippal asked, leaning back on the desk.
slashslashbang (2:50:55 AM): will j00 do me a favor?
slashslashbang (2:51:00 AM): and save this convo until i come back?
slashslashbang (2:51:03 AM): because bert's dying
slashslashbang (2:51:05 AM): and i wanna save it
LessPrettyInside (2:51:06 AM): "Rikku, you told me you put it in his bag this morning..." Yuna pursed her lips in her usual emo-retard fashion.

"Uhhh.... Yunie... I thought you said you had." Rikku sweat-dropped. She looked back at Tidus.

"Correction: and unmedicated retard." Mai groaned as she grabbed her head.

"C'mon, Ed, just this once... Everyonewent home anyway..." Envy whimpered as they entere the gym where everyone else conveniently was.

slashslashbang (3:03:29 AM): i know XD
slashslashbang (3:03:30 AM): ours
LessPrettyInside (3:03:41 AM): i just seent it
slashslashbang (3:04:19 AM): i know
slashslashbang (3:05:02 AM): Tidus licked his finger. "CHICKEN!"

"WHY is this happening to me?" Seto demanded, smacking his forehead.

"I'll kill you!" Envy shouted, then stabbed Ed in the gut and straddled him. "I AM ONTOP!"
LessPrettyInside (3:08:19 AM): "OMIGAWD BLOOOOOOD!" Ed screeched. "SO MUCH BLOOOOOOD!"

"Fullmetal, stop being raped and brutalized." Roy barked, adjusting his coat.

"Shut up, Seto. We're all in the same hellhole." Mai grumbled, crossing her arms. "Some fetishist humping her lesbian lover," in the background Edward screamede that they were both men, "And we're surrounded by retards. Que sera, sera, baby."
slashslashbang (3:09:47 AM): Envy continued humping him. "YEAH BABY!"

Riza cocked her gun. "Shutup."

Seto shrugged, then looked down at her. "This sucks."
LessPrettyInside (3:12:04 AM): "Thank you, Lieuten--AH WHY ARE YOU POINTING THAT AT ME!? SHOOT FULLMETAL, HE'S THE ONE BEING RAPED IN YOUR PRESENCE!" Roy whined as he beegan crying. Mai glared.

"YOU TWO STFU ALREADY! DICKFACE!" She barked before looking back to Seto. "Yea, welcome to my life." Simple Plan began playing in the background and she screamed. "NO! THE HORROR!"

"I like this song." Tidus mused. Yuna smacked him.

"He needs his meds badly. Anyone got riddilin on them?"
slashslashbang (3:13:39 AM): "LIFE LIFE LIFE!" Tidus cheered, and Seto smacked him in the head with riddlin.


Gippal cracked up. "Awesome..."
LessPrettyInside (3:15:10 AM): Yuna shoved the riddilin down a now unconscious Tidus's throat before clearing her own. "Thank you, Mr..." Yuna gave a flirtatious look.

"Back off, whore." Mai barked.

Gippal blinked. "What? Whos'
LessPrettyInside (3:15:13 AM): DAMMN ENETER
LessPrettyInside (3:15:34 AM): Gippal blinked. "What? Who's a whore? WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT HIM LIKE THAT! WHOOOOOOORE!"
slashslashbang (3:16:39 AM): Tidus grinned. "DAVID LEE ROTH LIGHTS THE MINORAH!"

Seto pulled out a mini-tranquilizer and shot him with it. "Fabulous."

Out of the blue, Al farted.
LessPrettyInside (3:16:56 AM): ((**menorah, i think....))
slashslashbang (3:17:12 AM): ((whatever niqqa))
LessPrettyInside (3:17:20 AM): ((niqqa? o_0))
slashslashbang (3:17:36 AM): ((nipple))
LessPrettyInside (3:17:49 AM): ((you just called mee a nipple?))
slashslashbang (3:17:55 AM): ((lmao no))
LessPrettyInside (3:18:13 AM): ((I think you just called mee anipple. i'm offended.))
slashslashbang (3:18:21 AM): ((lmao))
LessPrettyInside (3:18:33 AM): ((OFFEEEEEEENDEEEED))
slashslashbang (3:18:42 AM): (( ;-; swwy ))
LessPrettyInside (3:18:48 AM): ((XD I'm kiidding))
slashslashbang (3:18:56 AM): ((XD)
LessPrettyInside (3:20:44 AM): "Seto..." Mai began crying. "WHY COULDN'T YOU JUST TELL ME!?" Seto stared.

"Tell you what?" Mai looked heartbroken.

"THAT YOU WERE GAAAAAAY!" Jou's ears popped up.

"Gay!Seto? ZOMGYES!" Seto began running before Jou processed the need to.
slashslashbang (3:21:34 AM): Seto ran smack into the door. "I'mnotgaysavemeplease."

Al farted. AGAIN.
LessPrettyInside (3:22:48 AM): "STOP FARTING YOU METAL SACK OF HOR!" Winry shouted, chucking a wrench at his head.


Ed was now bleeding out on the floor, close to dying as Envy just kept humping.

"AH NECROPHILIA" Roy screeched.
slashslashbang (3:23:36 AM): Seto shook his head. "NOTGAY!"

Ed whined. "ENVY I'M DYING!"

Envy whined back, then magically made him better. "I was on top."
LessPrettyInside (3:25:13 AM): "GAY!" Tidus quirked a brow as he woke up and pounced Seto to hump him.

"MY GAY!" Jou growled protectively.

"Rikku, control your retard." Yuna sighed.

"But yuuuuuniiiie......"
slashslashbang (3:26:02 AM): Seto started crying like a baby. "MAIIIIII!"

"And they say I'm a pervert..." Gippal grumbled.
LessPrettyInside (3:27:30 AM): "Gippal, you were shouting about boobs five minutes ago. How is that not perverted?" Yuna rolled her eyes.

"Gippal's a pervie!" Rikku sang.

Mai watched Seto with disinterest for a minute before going back to crying. "NO I DON'T WANNA SAVE A GAYMANNNNNNN.... I SHAGGED A GAY MAN!!!" Mai cried.
slashslashbang (3:28:04 AM): Seto was crying even harder. "I'M NOT GAY!!"

Gippal sighed. "I was trying to control your retard!"

LessPrettyInside (3:29:58 AM): "HE'S NOT MY RETARD! YOU'RE MY RETARD, YOU RETARD!" Yuna shouted obnoxiously. Rikku smacked her upside the head.

"He was talking to me, dumby. And my retard's not a perv."

"really....?" Mai said slowly.
slashslashbang (3:30:42 AM): Gippal grinned. "I'm your retard?"

"YES! HELP MEEE!" Seto wailed.

Tidus snorted. "BooBIEZ."
LessPrettyInside (3:32:36 AM): "YES!" Yuna snapped. "I mean, err..." She stepped back.

Mai sighed and headed over but A SCREAM IN THE NIGHT later she was pulled into the shadows. ((THE FIIRST VICTIM))

E\veryone turned to stare. "Umm..."
slashslashbang (3:33:07 AM): Seto screamed insanely and jumped into the shadows. "NEVER!!!"

"You're so cuuuute." Gippal cheered.
LessPrettyInside (3:35:29 AM): Mai's dead body fell out of the shadows and onto Seto.

"WHO'S THE NECRO NOW, BITCH!?" Ed shouted.

"Bite me. Hey, who's the dead bitch? She wasn't here before..." Yuna drawled.
slashslashbang (3:36:18 AM): Seto started crying insanely, then shot himself with the tranquilizer gun. "LIFE IS OOOVERRR!!"

A SCREAM IN THE NIGHT was heard as Gippal got pulled into the shadows.
LessPrettyInside (3:37:46 AM): "NOOOO! GIPPAL!" Yuna sobbed, jumping into the shadows as well.

Edward grabbed onto Envy. "You're not stealing my bitch, dammit." He growled. Envy whinede.

"Why can't you be myyyyy bitch?"

"SILENCE, BOTH OF YOU. Has anyone seen the Colonel?" Riza asked slowly.
slashslashbang (3:38:14 AM): Roy fell down, dead.

Rikku sighed. "Tidus! Be quiet!"
LessPrettyInside (3:40:16 AM): Riza gasped and pulled her gun. "Who's there!?"

Tidus blinkied. "I did say...AHHHHHH!" A scream in the night as he was yanked inito the shadows.

Yuna sobbed and grabbed Seto's tranq gun, shooting herself as well.
slashslashbang (3:41:41 AM): A scream in the night pulled Ed into the shadows.

"NO! NOW I'LL NEVER GET TO BE ON TOP!" Envy wailed, reaching for the tranquilizer gun.
LessPrettyInside (3:42:56 AM): Rikku started freaking out now andd getting disturbed. "OMIGOD EVERY SINGLE DOMINANT BEING IN THIS ROOM HAS BEEN MURDERED OR COMMITTED SUICIDE!" She whined. "We're dead!" Envy shot himself and she looked to Riza. "hey, weren't there two other peopole here?"

"Katsuya andd Anzu?"

"Yea, where'dd they go?"

"no clue."

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